Subscriptions & Registration

Below are mostly subscription-based websites that normally charge a monthly or annual fee. These sites are offering temporary free access. It is unclear for how long these services will be available free of charge. Planning for prolonged use of these resources could lead to frustration or disappointment should they suddenly become unavailable for free.

There are a few other sites such as Oxford Owl and Teach Your Monster to Read that require registration but will always be free.

These sites also require that teachers and students register to use them.  This raises  privacy concerns in regards to students. When registering for these services some of their personal and perhaps private data may be harvested. When using G Suite email accounts or personal email to register, personal data and privacy issues can arise. These are all risks that teachers and parents are responsible to protect their students against. The resources on this page have not yet been vetted or approved by the district for student use in the long term. Please read the district communication regarding privacy. If these resources are passed onto students everyone must ensure that parents/guardians are aware of the privacy issues and take full responsibility for their child’s registration and use of these resources. We are currently operating in an environment where privacy guidelines have been relaxed by our government and school district until June 30, 2020. After that date these resources may disappear and recommendations against their use may be issued.

With so many of these resources available for free it is a good opportunity for teachers to check them out until June 30, 2020. It is a chance  to investigate the quality and usefulness of these resources. In the future, should a certain resource pass privacy tests teacher knowledge could help inform future decisions on whether funding should be sought for equitable access to certain paid online subscriptions. Please note that this page is in no way a commitment to seeking funding or an indication that any funds are or will be available for district-wide subscriptions.

Sites Require Registration: Always free


Subscription Sites: Temporarily free and may require registration


More resources will be added in the coming days. Please visit again.

Last updated April 1, 2020