We cleaned while you were gone.

Spring is in the air. With it comes the urge to engage in some spring cleaning. It is no different with websites. At eLibrary we have done a little bit of out with the old and in with the new. Come take a look around and see what we added. Don’t worry about losing any old friends we kept all the quality sites, we just got a rid of a few sites that were a little long in the tooth.  We have also added some thought provoking videos and an occasional choice board activity.

If you feel a little disoriented, that is understandable. We also moved the furniture around a bit. Some menus have been renamed, icons changed and the locations adjusted. It is all the same great content, hopefully just a little easier to find. Look through the over 325 websites we have curated along with over 40 embedded videos and 10 choice board activities.


Ben Koning, Teacher Librarian

Travis Richey, Teacher Librarian