You have the power to learn anything you want. All you need is a recipe for learning, information resources for finding answers, and tools for transforming your new found knowledge into something  you make or share.

A lot of what you need for inquiry is right here on the eLibrary site.


I have a question.

Where can I find information/answers?

How will I keep track of what I learn?

What can I do or make to share what I learn?

What did I do well? What can I improve?

View this document with a teacher at school or an adult at home. Together you can wonder and create questions and follow the steps to find answers about anything you are passionate about. This resource was created by Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt a Kindergarten teacher in our district and expert on inquiry learning.
The research toolkit is the best resource for locating information to answer your questions.

Inquiry Ideas


Suggested Grade LevelInquiryResource(s)
K to 2Family Traditions
Do you celebrate getting older? Do you have a birthday tradition? Who could you ask to learn more about how your family celebrates getting older?

Watch the video about birthday traditions in Japan. How is it the same or different from what you do? What are other birthday traditions that you could learn about? Where could you find more information?

Tell someone about a special tradition or celebration in your family.

Make a drawing that show what you know about your tradition or a celebration from some other culture.

Birthday Traditions Around the World

Use Kiddle or Kid Rex in the Research Tool Kit.