How do I…?

How do I use websites with a lock symbol?

The lock symbol indicates that a username and password may be required to use the website. There are a good number of  resources on eLibrary that automatically login at SD61 schools but will require a username and password to access from home. Please refer to the Student Logins page which lists usernames and passwords.

Teachers can find additional information about website login credentials on the Staff Logins page. Note that this is a password protected page. Please contact your teacher librarian for this information.

How do I get permission register to use some of the websites that have no username or password listed on Student Logins page?

There are some websites listed on the eLibrary site that require some sort of registration. Students should not register themselves on these sites. It is important users are well aware of any privacy issues regarding registration with these sites. Whether access to these sites is granted to a student is the result of a conversation with a classroom teacher, teacher librarian, or in some cases in consultation with a parent/guardian.

How do I learn more about the web resources on this site?

The notepad symbol located near bottom of each resource page links to brief descriptions of each web resource and provides a suggested grade level of interest and, where appropriate, grade level curriculum matches. Watch this video for a full explanation. On some pages you may also find a brief video that highlights and explains some of the resources. You will also find these videos in the Activities & Tutorials section.

How do I look for a book from my school library?

There is a Library Catalog link on all pages of this website. From the page that appears select your school name.

How do I get information and resources from my own school library?

You may find links to online resources and information just for your school’s library on your school’s library catalog homepage. Some teacher-librarians also have an additional library website they have created for your school. You can find these websites by going to your school’s homepage. You can find your school’s website by going to the Greater Victoria District website.